Caro-Line is the haute couture of jewelry design and makes the impossible possible. The designer of these exclusive jewelry line is Caroline Bila. Her passions are psychology, design and goldsmith. She studied them at the same time.

Caro-Line creates highly personal jewelry in consultation with her clients. This results in pieces that are both unique and of the highest quality. It is a brand that wants to pay tribute to the ancient craft of goldsmithing. No mass production and no band work are a conscious choice. High-end procedures and specialized techniques are required for the realization of: heraldic jewelry, exclusive gems, lapidary arts, combinations with leather craft and a vintage milgrain finish.

THE 4 C's OF Caroline

CAROLINE – By combining her passions, the jewelry brand Caro-Line emerged. The fascination with stories of people, their visions & thoughts and on the other hand the design of personalized jewelry creates the most amazing jewels.

COMBINATION – The human train of thought will always fascinate her. Thanks to a listening ear, the many personal conversations, continuous education and business life, key moments that form a person can be made touchable in a jewel. It makes that words do not fade with time.

CO-CREATION – The most challenging and stimulating factor is the collaboration. It is fascinating to see what comes up in people when they get the chance to join a design process. You can notice a clear difference between people who design as a surprise for someone and people who get the freedom to design themselves. In both situations the design phase remains teamwork.

CONCEPT – Everything is possible!

Caro-Line loves the freedom with which we start with customers. Gradually a lot comes to life. In advance we have no idea where we are going to end. The result is unexpected and surprising every time.


DISCOVER – In each discovery conversation we start with a white sheet of paper and a big portion of curiosity. Gradually during the first conversation everything becomes clear. The story, the occasion, the materials, the budget. People quickly indicate in which direction they want to go even if they are not aware of it themselves. Some people end up after exactly with what they had in mind. Others leave with entirely new ideas and wait full of curiosity. This depends on the story.

DESIGN – Once the story is ready, the design phase begins. This must be a perfect mix between the representation of the story and the practical expectations (material, time, budget). In this phase we remain in contact until the design is fully developed.

DEVELOP – The term of the elaboration depends entirely on the design. A deadline is agreed during the first conversation.

DELIVER – The delivery phase is always an exciting moment. This must be impactful. My goal is to see our customers shine their eyes. That is why we continue until this goal is achieved.